WowMeGo - Agreement on the processing of personal data of users of the WowMeGo service

Agreement on the processing of personal data of users of the WowMeGo service

1. Generalities.


1.1. LLC "Prom" (bin 1127747175710,  INN 7751507260, 775101001 KPP, legal address: 108833, Moscow, p. mikhaylovo-Yartsevskoye settlement Shishkin Les, d. 7, kV. 53 (hereinafter,  WowMeGo) on the terms of this Agreement concerning the processing of personal data (hereinafter the Agreement) provides users of the web site located at and its subdomains (hereinafter - Service), the right to use the Service, through which Users can search for various kinds of entertainment, educational, sports, tourism  and other activities, as well as places (hotels, bases, spots, etc.), insurance services and other services and offers on the market of tourist, entertainment and educational services (hereinafter – "Activity").


1.2.  Wowmegone carries out direct sale and booking of Activities.  Any information posted on the pages of the service is for reference only and under no circumstances is a public offer from the side of WowMeGo, limited by the provisions of Article 437.2 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.

The service provides the User with technical assistance and reference information for booking purposes using the service functionality, however, the Supplier is responsible for the properly executed booking, purchase, transportation, accommodation and other services provided to the User. 

WowMeGoсо its part undertakes to do everything possible to solve the problems Users encountered when using the WowMeGo, including to provide Users with assistance in cooperation with the Supplier.


1.3. User-an individual who accepts the terms of the Agreement, has full legal capacity, has its own e-mail address on the Internet, a personal computer and/or mobile device, access to which is at its disposal.


1.4. Agreement – this document with all additions, changes and the required documents specified in it, as well as the agreement concluded between the Operator and the User on its basis.


1.5. Operator – "Prom", independently or jointly with other legal persons forming part of its group of persons organizing and (or) carrying out processing of personal data, and also defining purposes of processing of personal data, the scope of personal data to be processed, actions (operations) committed with personal data such as collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, usage, transfer (distribution, granting, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data. Processing of Personal data can be performed by the Operator both automated and non-automated methods.


1.6. Personal data– any information that the User provides about himself / herself when registering on the Service or logging in via social networks, as well as in the process of further use of the Service.


1.7. Account (Personal account) – a personal section of the Site to which the User gets access after registration and/or authorization on the Site. The account is intended for storing personal data of the User, viewing and managing the available functionality of the Site and the relevant terms of use of the Site.


2. Terms of collection and storage of Personal data.


2.1. When registering an Account or logging in via social networks, the User independently, freely, of his will and in his / her interests gives the Operator an indefinite written consent to any methods of processing his / her personal data. The user must be familiar with the terms of use of his / her personal data before processing them.


2.2. The user has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of his Personal data by sending a request to the Operator to block his Account at The operator shall stop processing Personal data and destroy them within a period not exceeding 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of such application, except for the data necessary for storage in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. In this case, the Operator stores only the user's impersonal personal data in its database systems.


2.3. The operator is not responsible for the completeness and relevance of information about Users. The user has the right at any time to edit their own Account provided them with the registration or authorization of Personal data.


3. Objectives Of The Agreement


3.1. The objectives of the Agreement are: 

check User Account on the Service (agreement to use WowMeGo);

- fulfillment of obligations under the concluded agreements by providing the User with access to the Service and its capabilities, as the party or the beneficiary or the guarantor under such agreement is the User;

- participation in research and marketing activities carried out by the Operator;

- sending advertising messages to the User and receiving advertising information on telecommunication networks (including via mobile communication and e-mail);

- promotion of the service On the market by means of direct contacts with Users via communication networks;

- conducting statistical and analytical internal research on the use of the service & nbsp;WowMeGo;



3.2.The operator may collect and store the following data from the User:

- name, surname;

- email address;

- phone;

- geographical location;

- age;

- IP-address, cookies, Internet browser settings and settings; statistics of the User's use of the Service functions, as well as other technical information.


3.3.The operator, on its part, synchronizes the search history, settings and favorites in the User's personal account.


3.4. The  operator does not collect, synchronize or store any User data on its side except as expressly stated in this Agreement.


3.6. The operator may use cross-border transfer of personal data to the territory of a foreign state to a foreign legal entity for the purpose of execution of the agreement with the User. When all the goals are achieved, the Operator can guarantee the user the destruction of his Personal data in the territory of a foreign state.


4. Security

4.1. The operator stores Personal data and ensures their protection against unauthorized access and distribution in accordance with internal rules and regulations. With respect to the personal data of the User, their confidentiality is maintained, except when the technology of the Site or the settings of the software used by the User provide for an open exchange of information with other users of the Site or with any users of the Internet.


4.2. The operator has the right to transfer Personal data to third parties in the following cases:

- the user has expressly expressed his consent to such actions (including the desire to book a specific Activity from the relevant & nbsp; Provider, in connection with which the Service transfers the User's personal data to the Supplier for the proper execution of the last services);

- in connection with the transfer of the Site to the possession, use or property of a third party, including the assignment of rights under contracts concluded with the User in favor of such third party;

- at the request of the court or other authorized state body within the procedure established by the legislation;

- to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Operator in connection with the violation of agreements concluded with the User.


5. Final provision

5.1. The agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and is valid for all Users. All issues not regulated by the Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. 


5.2. The operator has the right to process personal data without notice to the authorized body for the protection of the rights of personal data subjects on the basis of the PP. 2 item 2 of Art. 22 of the Federal law of July 27, 2006 N 152-FZ "about personal data".


5.3. The agreement may be changed by LLC "Ask" unilaterally without prior notice to the User. The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force upon its placement at the address _________________

When making changes in the current version, the date of the last update is indicated.